Solutions for glue application

No matter if you are busy in the assembling of products, in the manufacturing of folding boxes, in the end of line packing or in the manufacturing of cigarettes, no matter if you are looking for solutions for post press, for foundries, for the manufacturing of doors, door frames or laminate floors, no matter if you are working in the field of sealing table tops or in the manufacturing of non-woven products, we would like to give you a review of the different ranges of application.

Picture of a carton with glue

Glueing of folding cartons

For the glueing of folding cartons we offer hot melt and cold glue guns that apply non-contact from the top or from the bottom the glue in lines and/or dots.

Corrugated cardboard packaging with hot melt glue bonding

Corrugated cardboard glueing

Single or multiple glueing from the top or from the bottom of corrugated cardboards by using non-contact dot and/or line guns

Final packaging with glue application

End of line packing

Reuther-Systems offers solutions for end of line packing from erectors over labeling and case sealing up to palett and transport stabilisation.

Picture of a cigarette packaging

Cigarette packages

Tobacco processing is characterised by a precise application of the glue dots at high speed as well as high durability. Reuther-Systems provides you with the most reliable products.

Pleated filter as air filter for glue application systems

Manufacturing of filters

Ideal filtration does so good. If you are manufacturing air filters, vacuum filter bags, filters for air condition or filters for the automotive industry Reuther-Systems is a reliable partner for your glue application.

Casting after production with adhesive technology


Innovative glue nozzles for hot melt, cold glue or 2-component adhesives are available. We are supplying all different types.

Recycled wood component after gluing

Wooden industry

Special hotmelts and aqueous cold glues are used in the wooden industry. For the production of doors, door frames, laminate floors, for the sealing of table tops as well as for the construction industry Reuther-Systems offers individual solutions.

Printed product sprayed with glue nozzles

Fixing of plastic cards or product samples

For the fixing of compact discs, plastic cards or other product samples your machines can work to full capacity or will be upgraded by assimilating our glueing systems.

Envelope with self-adhesive hot glue

Self-adhesive coating application

Envelopes, protective bags, parcel labels or additional packaging are reliably glued. For the manufacturing of self-adhesive surfaces Reuther-Systems offers special procedures.

Textiles with self-adhesive surface gluing

Self-adhesive textiles

Carpets and non-woven fabrics from 3 up to 2500 mm application width can be glued economically.

Bonding of seals with hot melt and cold glue

Fixing of sealings

E.g. for the automobile industry: door modules, car interior linings, back shelfs et cetera.

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