Hot melt tank melter for industrial use

Hot melt units

Hot melt units ensure the necessary glue supply. Depending on the application gear- and pistonpump units, drum- and bag melters are available. A hotmelt unit together with hot melt hoses and guns are forming a complete hot melt application system.

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Cold glue feed unit with pump from Reuther-Systems

Cold glue delivery units

Cold glue delivery units continuously deliver liquid glue. Our large range of delivery units puts the right pressure to your glues - exactly and reliable.

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Glue valve and nozzle for hotmelt application

Hot melt guns

Hot melt application guns apply thermoplastic glues. For this we produce a variety of single and multiple guns for dot,- line,- stripe,- and spray application. Everything is possible. Demanding customers requirements are our specialty.

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Glue valve and nozzle for cold glue application

Cold glue application guns

The right gun for your application. Extremly fast switching electro-magnetic application guns for a fine dot or line application as well as rugged electro-pneumatic application guns for maximum glue pressure up to 200 bar ensure the highest possible level of production safety.

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Multi-channel control units for applying hot glue and cold glue


The controllers of Reuther-Systems activate e.g. cold glue or hot melt application guns. During serial production the same glue pattern is applied on each product. At the push of a button, already recorded glue pattern can be released. Depending on the requirements different controllers are available.

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Encoder including holder for use in the glue application system


The right accessory for perfect glueing.
For the current machine manufacturers we supply various brackets for the installation of glue guns, different encoders, photocells and initiators.

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Used and processed tank melting unit for sale

Second hand offers

Up-to-date overview of second hand, overhauled components with warranty.

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