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Reuther-Systems is a family-owned company and one of the leading manufacturers for hot melt and cold glue application systems.

Reuther-Systems manufactures products that mean longterm and economic benefit for its customers.

Reuther-Systems glueing technology is a very extensive "modular system".
All components are and stay compatible - for decades.

Also new and further devolopments as well as the supply of spare parts within 25 years are included in this philosophy.

Company history

1986: The company's founder Robert Reuther starts his business in the fields of applying, developing, constructing and maintaining different glue application systems.

1999: Formation of Reuther-Systems by Robert Reuther

2000: Move-in to the first new company building

2003: New building and move-in to the office and manufacturing building "Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 6, Aichach"

2008: Inauguration of the extension of premises

2009: Purchase of 5 axes CNC lathes and CNC milling machines

2012: Commercial launch of the touchpanel operation electronic with innovativ operation and compatibility to machines from other manufacturers like Nordson®, hhs®, Robatech® and Baumerhhs®

2013: Inauguration of the customer's laboratory

2015: Launch of the revolutionary, fully insulated HM-600 electropneumatic hotmelt gluegun

2018: Market launch: Central adhesive supply

Reuther-Systems today

Reuther-Systems develops and manufactures complete solutions for hot melt and cold glue application. Glue application systems are used worldwide in almost all industrial branches.

- Developping, constructing, manufacturing and assembling in our premises

- Motivated and engaged staff that helps realizing your projects - also special ones

- Reliable quality and an excellent service at reasonable prices are and stay our corporate identity

Quality from Germany

Quality from Germany

Exhibition glueing technoloy

Experience our ideas of the latest adhesive technology. Have a look at our 400 square-meter facility.

Visit us and find inspiration by Reuther-Systems adhesive technology!

The adhesive technology showroom of Reuther-Systems

Reuther-Systems solution center

According to the Greek Mythology "The Golden Fleece" was the coat of the golden ram who could fly and speak.
We from Reuther-Systems do not have magical power, but we offer extraordinary expertise, when it is about glue application systems.

If you have new ideas, new technologies or if you want to test different glues, we will realize your projects.

Various hot melt and cold glue application systems with dot, line, spray and coating guns are at your disposal.

We will find a solution - for your success.

Our customers:

Crests and titles are the classic references. Perfect work and customer confidence are the references of the professionals.

We do not compromise on our professionalism. Therefore, our domestic and foreign customers appreciate Reuther-Systems as the reliable partner in the field of adhesive application systems.

Your way to Reuther-Systems:


Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 6
DE- 86551 Aichach

Telefon: +49 8251 890919-0

By plane:

Airport Munich

By train:

Long-distance: Augsburg main station
Regional: Aichach station

We are looking for partners:

As manufacturer and competent partner Reuther-Systems belongs to the specialists for safe hotmelt and coldglue processing. We offer the possibility to realize your know-how within an interesting and diversified position and to gain further technical and personal qualification in a familiar team. Exciting projects and responsible tasks are waiting for you.

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