Reuther-Systems offers the complete accessories to apply glues economically and exactly.

Photocell for hot melt and cold glue application


Photocells serve to recognize the item that has to be glued as well as the start of the glueing program. Reuther-Systems offers variety of suitable photocells and initiators to be connected to controllers.

Brackets and assemblies for glue valves


Reuther-Systems offers a range of suitable brackets to fix safe the glue guns at the machine.
Various fine adjustements and a fast mounting guarantee fastest converting time.

Heated highpressure hoses for hotmelt applications

Hot melt hoses

Heated highpressure hoses are available in various diameters and lengths. The isolation is available in synthetic material weave, steel sheathed or water-drop resistant.

High pressure hoses for cold glue systems

High pressure hoses

- Steel sheathed
- Various length
- Various diameters

I/P converter for hotmelt and cold glue pumps

I/P converter

for hotmelt and coldglue pumps

Pressure regulator for adhesive application

Material pressure regulator


Manual pressure regulator for adhesive application

Manual pressure regulator

0-7 bar
0-25 bar
0-50 bar

Encoder with different impulses


with different impulses

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