Adhesive technology with system

Welcome to Reuther-Systems

For 3 decades Reuther-Systems belongs to the specialists for hot melt and cold glue processing.

Core competence of Reuther-Systems is the development and the production of individual solutions for customers´ specifications. Especially for glueing of packages, folding boxes, glueing of wood and furniture, automobile and car component industry, hygiene industry, glueing of leaflets, labels and bags Reuther-Systems offers a wide range of products.

More than 3000 customers worldwide avail themselves of Reuther-Systems and the "adhesive technology with system" by individual and modular extendable glueing solutions. Due to the trouble-free modification or extention this partnership will last for decades!

Try us! We keep our promises.

Hot melt guns, cold glue guns, nozzles and electronic controllers for glueing

By means of hotmelt guns and cold glue guns small and large folding boxes or stable boxes can be closed.

It is also possible to glue - in an economical way - doors, door cases and furniture my means of glue nozzles. Reuther-Systems is manufacturing semi-automatic and fully-automatic cold glue guns as well as glueing units with electronic control. Reuther-Systems offers the complete program of application systems.

The glue application systems made by Reuther-Systems comprise hot melt units with gear pumps or piston pumps, hotmelt hoses, glue nozzles, electronic controllers, pressure tanks, diaphragm pumps as well as a wide range of accessories.

Application systems made by Reuther-Systems can be used to glue fast and economically components for the automobile and car component industry.

Furthermore Reuther-Systems offers the complete glueing range of products for the graphic industry, e.g. fold glueing, rubber coating, fixing, softening and adhesive labeling.

Manually operated handguns for applying lines and spray pattern are developped to facilitate the production of smaller quantities.

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